Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Character/Franchises That Need Their Own 3DS

Nintendo has always loved doling out themed versions of their handheld consoles, and with the recent announcement of the Kirby-themed 2DS (pictured above), it got me thinking about all the cool designs that they could come up with. Yeah, it's a bunch of crap that the new Kirby game isn't included, but what can you do? I just recently upgraded to a 3DS XL with the Yoshi version, and while not having Yoshi's New Island included was a bit of a bummer, it wasn't a deal breaker.

Nintendo has been going crazy with the themed-3DS' in the past year, to the point that it's pretty much a given that any time Nintendo releases a new title in one of their first-party franchises, it'll be getting it's own 3DS. Mario & Luigi, Zelda, Pokemon, Yoshi, Animal Crossing, Kirby, and the list will certainly continue.

So here's some characters and franchises--not necessarily limited to Nintendo franchises--that I would love to see get their own 3DS.

Donkey Kong

When I picture this one, I actually think it would be cooler not to have the lovable giant ape on the console at all. In this case, I think a minimalist approach would be the way to go. I like the idea of a yellow 3DS with just the titular character's trademark tie being featured.


The original Nintendo DS had three different 2D Castlevania games, and all three of them are some of my favorites on the system. It's been too long since we've had a 2D Castlevania. No, I'm not forgetting about Mirror of Fate, I just want a new Castlevania that's more akin to the Metroid-style and not Lords of Shadow (even though I do like the LoS series). Since the protagonists usually change from game to game, the only acceptable character to feature on the system is the one constant from the beginning: Dracula.


Out of all of the games and franchises I'm listing in this blog, this is the one that seems the most likely to someday see the light of day. I sat here for a long time trying to think of a good analogy of the Metroid series as it pertains to Nintendo. I feel like Nintendo looks at Metroid as the least popular cheerleader. She's still popular, but not enough to get asked out to prom. Surely, there will eventually be a Metroid game released on the 3DS, right? Give us a sequel to Metroid Fusion, or hey, give a Zero Mission-style upgrade to Super Metroid. Wait, nevermind, you got Super Metroid right the first time, please disregard what I just said.

Mega Man

Capcom may have given up on the Mega Man franchise, but the fans haven't. How great would a light blue 3DS featuring the Blue Bomber be? Even though Mega Man Legends 3 has been cancelled, Nintendo could save it by including some, if not all, of the NES Mega Man games available on the eShop on the SD card. Other than Pokemon, I think a Mega Man 3DS would be the highest selling bundle Nintendo could release.


I'm actually kind of baffled that Nintendo hasn't already done this one. They published Lego City Undercover, and the Lego games are quite profitable, so Nintendo must have seen something in Undercover to warrant them publishing. Considering how huge Lego and its game counterparts have become, I wouldn't be surprised if this one happens eventually.


I'll take any and every excuse to write about Blargg. If they announced a Blargg 3DS, I would kick that Yoshi 3DS to the curb--meaning I would sell it on eBay--and pre-order it immediately. An orange-red system, showing only Blargg's eyes creeping up from the bottom of the system in its closed state, only to see that ridiculous cross-eyed...thing when you open it. Nintendo would have to stop trying at that point, because they wouldn't be able to make anything better. I'm not just talking about systems, I mean everything. Games, consoles, the whole kitten-kaboodle. Shut down everything, because they would reach the zenith of the industry at that point.

So how about you guys? Any particular character or series you would like to see get their own 3DS?

Thanks for reading, -Dustin

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