Thursday, December 10, 2015

Error Machine Podcast 69 - Jake Busey's Creepy Smile

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We're back with another episode, and this week we tackle hard-hitting topics like what the deal is with Drake, the Xenoblade Chronicles USB nonsese, we recap the Game Awards, and Luke's missing amiibo

1.00 What's the deal with Drake?
1.45 Everyone is sick
2.55 Our worst sicknesses
7.15 Dustin has a bone to pick with Fox
9.40 Luke is missing an amiibo
11.10 Luke played more Splatoon and Stella Glow
17.30 Dustin played Resident Evil Revelations 2
23.45 Xenoblade Chronicles X
26.30 Two new Earth Defense Force games
30.00 Xenoblade's memory and USB nonsense
33.10 Gaming's greatest fist-pump moment
37.00 Minecraft finally coming to Wii U
39.20 New FFVII trailer looks pretty dope
42.35 PS2 classics on PS4
47.00 Game Awards recap
51.00 Brief PSP memoriam
53.15 Outro/plugs

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Error Machine Podcast 68 - Just 'Cuz 3

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1.35 Luke moved on with his life
6.05 The woes of tuna
7.30 Moving sucks
8.45 Dustin got back in the wrestling ring
12.00 Dustin played A LOT of Fallout 4
14.30 Returning to Super Mario Maker
15.45 RE Revelations 2
16.30 Luke played Splatoon
22.25 Black Friday pickups
23.40 Stella Glow
26.40 Two different kinds of "fan service"
29.15 Brief amiibo talk
30.25 New releases
31.15 Just 'cuz 3
35.20 The Xbox 360 turned 10 years old
37.15 Breaking Benjamin is still a band
39.40 The Game Awards are back!
41.45 New NX rumors
43.15 GameFAQS user creates game ranking test
44.45 Our test results
50.00 Flaws in the test
53.00 Glaring omissions from the list
56.45 Outro/Plugs

Take the game ranking test at the link below