Thursday, January 7, 2016

Error Machine 70 - Super Mario World Retrospective

We talk A LOT in this episode. But what topic deserves to be talked about more than Super Mario World? It's universally agreed upon to be a masterpiece, and Luke and Dustin have no arguments to that statement. They discuss everything from the Super Nintendo's launch to the final battle to the game's legacy, and end it with some listener memories Time marks below. Enjoy!

1.50 Super Nintendo launch and early memories
4.20 Super Mario Bros. 3 or Super Mario World?
5.35 New system means new possibilities
7.00 Yoshi at his best
10.15 Introducing the coin medals
11.40 Mario 3 vs SMW power-ups
13.00 The little details
15.05 The soundtrack
18.00 New inventory system
19.20 Replaying levels
20.20 Secret exits
21.20 Ghost houses
26.10 Other secrets
31.40 Star Road
32.50 Cohesiveness of the world
34.40 Special Area
37.30 Screw "Tubular"
41.55 Our favorite levels
49.30 Valley of Bowser
53.40 Bowser's Castle
55.40 The final battle
1.01.00 Best ending ever!
1.06.40 Listener memories
1.12.20 Luke's sentimental story
1.16.40 What may have been...
1.18.50 Outro/a'capella

Music (in order of appearance)
Title Theme
Overworld 2
Ghost House
Star Road
Bonus Stage
Valley of Bowser
Overworld 1
Ending Credits

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