Friday, January 22, 2016

Error Machine Podcast 73 - Two Years of Error Machine

Error Machine has officially been around for 2 years now. Can you believe it? All 5 of you? Can you believe it? In celebration of two years of Error Machine, Christopher Craig Cramer makes a triumphant return, although we mostly just go about our business as usual.

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1.10 2 Years of Error Machine
2.10 Chris has been busy
5.00 Luke can't discuss the awesome things going on in his life
7.45 BCFX for our next retrospective?
9.30 Dustin's thoughts on Terminator Genisys
13.00 Kung Fury discussion
16.00 Chris talks Destiny
22.30 Dustin and Luke talk Bastion
28.20 Bastion's allegorical undertones
30.00 Luke played Murasame Castle/Alien Chaos 3D
36.30 New releases
42.40 Stay classy, Japan
44.30 Locking content behind amiibos
48.00 More amiibo news
50.10 Smash Bros. on ESPN
53.50 Outro/plugs

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