Thursday, January 7, 2016

Error Machine Episode 71 - Game of the Year Awards 2015

What better way to end a terrific year in gaming than by listening to two guys whose opinions don't really matter? That's right, it's the Error Machine Podcast Game of the Year Awards for the year of 2015. You can see our categories below, and don't forget to comment, rate, and/or subscribe. And don't forget to find us on YouTube.

1.30 Christmas recap
4.45 Biggest Surprise
8.00 Biggest Disappointment
11.30 Best Retro Game
13.50 Best 2014 Game We Played in 2015
19.25 Dumbest Title
21.45 Best Title
25.00 Biggest Mess Up of the Year
29.10 Game We Wish We Would Have Played in 2015
32.40 Game We Wish People Would Shut Up About
34.30 Best Overall System
37.00 Best Value
40.30 Coolest Weapon
45.30 Most Unnecessary Re-Release
50.30 Most Adorable Game
55.00 Our Top 5 Games of the Year
1.20.40 Outro/Plugs

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