Monday, September 7, 2015

Error Machine Podcast 60 - Edited by Mel Brooks

0.00 Intro
3.00 Luke's Metal Slug retrospective
5.15 Dustin reflects on Metal Gear Solid Month
8.00 The tone of Metal Gear Solid
10.45 No surprise -- Dustin played The Phantom Pain
17.40 Dustin explains Metal Gear's timeline to Luke
22.15 Dustin also played a bit of Rare Replay
25.00 More MGS explanation for Lucas
36.00 Luke played SMT Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker
39.50 Luke also played Super Time Force Ultra
50.25 There's only one REAL new release
51.45 Luke pours love all over Gunstar Heroes
56.15 Shovel Knight amiibo announced
58.50 Capcom confirms full Resident Evil 2 remake
1.00.35 There's going to be a (likely terrible) Mega Man movie
1.02.45 Planned assault on Pokemon tournament foiled
1.06.00 Dustin's NES collection surpasses 400
1.08.45 Amiibo-geddon is back
1.11.50 Outro/plugs

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