Monday, July 6, 2015

Error Machine Podcast Episode 56 - You Forgot Creed

This week the Error Machine crew tell tales of donating plasma, getting free consoles, the late 90s/early 2000s band Creed, and eventually they get to videogames. Podcast and time marks below. Enjoy!

Check these balls 0.00

Chris don't need no plasma 1.05

Dustin gives up a major part of his childhood 4.50

Reminiscing about early 2000's nu metal 6.20

"Do you have any Creed?" 12.00

Luke got a free Xbox One 15.15

Discussing Rare Replay 18.10

Luke played more Bioshock Infinite 21.00

Dustin played New Super Mario Bros. U 25.00

Chris played Sunset Overdrive 28.50

The new releases are Chris' time to shine 32.10

Error Machine Describes: The G. G Series 37.45

Will we see the Nintendo NX in summer 2016? 43.00

Best Buy fixes their Amiibo policy 47.50

Club Nintendo is officially dead 54.25

Shovel Knight getting a physical release 56.25

Outro and plugs 1.01.45

Check These Balls OC Remix 1.03.00

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