Friday, July 31, 2015

Error Machine Podcast 58 - Former Fatties Fitness

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Intro 0.00
Luke and Dustin turn old 1.15
Is turning 30 weird? 3.15
Former fatties talk about getting in shape 5.30
Binge eating 9.30
Dustin's Tennessee youth group trip 14.10
Luke continues his trek through Bioshock Infinite 17.00
Luke gets controversial 18.15
Fantasy Zone 2 25.00
Dustin will never be done with The Witcher 3 26.45
August is Metal Gear Solid month! 28.00
Red Ash Kickstarter 30.30
Are people turning their backs on Mighty No. 9? 32.40
New Releases 33.35
Expressing our love for Streets of Rage 2 36.05
Our love/hate relationship with horror games 38.30
Remembering Iwata 41.30
The boys disagree about Luigi's Mansion 42.45
Nintendo's Loot Crate-style service 45.50
Possible Resident Evil 2 HD Remake 48.50
Capcom trademarks "Resident Evil Umbrella Corps" 50.45
Resident Evil 6 is the equivalent of botulism 52.30
Comparing dyssentery and botulism 54.00
PS+ Games for August are disappointing 55.30
Outro and plugs 1.00.00

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