Sunday, June 28, 2015

Error Machine Podcast Episodes 53 - 55

Episode 55 - Second Hand Infidelity

Intro 0.00 

Chris' new game room 1.00 
Luke's weird infidelity story 2.15 
Best Buy doesn't know Dustin's birthday 7.30 
Chris played CoD: AW and Blops 2 8.50 
Dustin played Never Alone and Valiant Hearts 11.20 

Chris comes back with some Super Mario 3D World 14.50 

Luke played Bioshock Infinite and Smash Bros. DLC 16.45 
New releases 22.45 Arkham Knight is broken as balls on PC 25.50
Dustin defends Metroid Prime Federation Force 29.00 
Sonic the Hedgehog turned 24 30.15 
The mystery that is Nightmare Circus 36.00 
Sega Channel love 37.40 
Sonic/Sega sale 39.00 
Outro and plugs 45.00

Episode 54 - Dustin and Luke's E3 2015 Thoughts

Due to a very hectic week for all the guys, only Dustin and Luke appear on this week's episode, and they're not even appearing together. Dustin kicks the show off my talking about the E3 press conferences of Bethesda and Microsoft, then Luke chimes in about Sony and Nintendo, and then Dustin returns to give his own opinions about Sony and Nintendo. We'll be back with a regular episode next week, but in the meantime, enjoy this one!

Episode 53 - Fallout 4 is a Poopy Sock

2.20 – Adventures in Amiibo Hunting
14.50 – Our favorite Amiibo sculpts
20.20 – Chris finished Steamworld Dig
26.00 – Dustin is liking Lords of Shadow 2 a bit more
27.00 – Luke and Dustin are still loving Puzzles & Dragons: SMB
31.00 – A whole lot of nothing for new releases
32.00 – Free PS+ games for June
35.45 – Error Machine describes: Rocket League
40.00 – Deconstructing Twisted Metal canon
42.15 – Fallout 4 teaser trailer discussion
46.30 – Bathroom horror stories
47.40 – Dustin recounts the story of the poopy sock
50:45 – Mighty No. 9 getting a physical release
56:30 – Outros and plugs

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