Monday, April 13, 2015

Flea Market Game Finds (4/10/15)

Good morning all, I'm back for another edition of my flea market game finds videos. This week I'm tag teaming with my collecting partner, Christopher Craig Cramer, to show you all the goodies we managed to pick up this past weekend.

Not quite as bountiful as the previous video but still pretty good. Check it out.

If you're not interested in watching the video, then I'll just take a moment to write my finds here.

So, it wasn't the best of days to do the flea market thing, it was still a little chilly but there were still some people set up. First thing I managed to find were some sealed Nintendo DS games. The guy was selling them for $0.50 each, so he obviously got them from some store that was just going to toss them. Nothing really that good in there, but for $2 I picked up Jeopardy!, The Bachelor, Camp Rock: The Final Jam, and America's Test Kitchen: Let's Get Cooking. I'm not sure why I bought them, but, here we are.

Things were looking pretty grim, but right before I decided to head back home, we came across a guy that we had already stopped to check out earlier in the day, but this time he said much more stuff set up, and I found, just sitting on the edge of his booth, four different handheld systems. There was a yellow Game Boy Color (missing the back piece), two original Game Boy Advance models (one Indigo, one Glacier) that were both working pretty well, though one of them had a latch on the battery cover broken off, and lastly the Mario edition Nintendo DS Lite. If the DS Lite was in mint condition, that would be a centerpiece of my collection, however, there was a crack in the hinge piece, so the top part of the DS won't stay in a fixed position. But, for a total of $35 (which also include Kirby's Nightmare in Dream Land on GBA because it was inside one of the GBA systems), I feel like I still came out the winner in that deal.

You'll also get to see what Chris picked up in the video, but I'll let him speak for himself.

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